From My Hands to Yours Book + Join-Up DVD


The Monty Roberts Join Up offer is the perfect package for horse owners

Join Up DVD

Join-Up® is a consistent set of training principles using the horse’s inherent methods of communication and herd behaviour rather than force. The result is a willing partnership in which the horse’s performance can flourish to its full potential, rather than exist within the boundaries of obedience. In this DVD, Monty discusses the foundation of Join-Up® and the philosophy behind it all. This is a great introduction to the basic principles that Monty uses in all his work.

Running time: 60 minutes

From My Hands To Yours Book

Finally a textbook on the language of Equus and Monty’s Join Up training principals! It includes the first DICTIONARY OF EQUUS clearly depicting the signs and reciprocal gestures between human and equine through photos and illustrations. From My Hands to Yours shares Monty’s Join Up horse-training methods with you, both on the ground and under saddle. You’ll learn to work with your horse’s remedial behaviour such as: Biting, Pulling back, Rearing, Bucking, and more. Monty’s methods are meticulously described so you can apply his knowledge to your own training experiences.

Hardcover: 230 pages.

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