Long Lines + Long Lining DVD


Long Lines: Designed specifically for schooling from the ground, these 30-foot (10-metre) lines come in a set of two. They are “cushion web” lines constructed of lightweight nylon over a cotton core with a brass snap.

They are weighted on the tail end for easy casting. The buttery soft material is easy on the hands and offers maximum durability.

Long Lining DVD: Single line lunging damages ligaments, tendons and muscles by causing your horse to curve his spine away from the direction of travel. It schools horses to become hollow and crooked with a tendency to disunite. Monty’s Long Lining techniques will help you trigger radical improvement in performance by improving paces, muscle tone and to develop perfect symmetry, shape and natural grace. Running time: 70 minutes

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Weight .965 kg
Dimensions 31 × 17 × 5 cm